Green Building

Green Building, also known as green construction or sustainable building, is the practice of creating structures using processes which are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle. Susnomics has extensive experience and local knowledge of the engineering challenges involved, having developed precise methods that bridge the gap between international standards, proven methods and best practices.


  • LEED
  • EHS Trakhees
  • Estidama
  • GSAS (QSAS) - Global Sustainability Assessment System
  • WELL Certification
  • Dubai Municipality - Al Safat
  • DSOA
  • DDA


Energy Efficiency Services

Energy efficiency is a key driving force in meeting environmental and climate goals. Susnomics works closely with the buildings (residential and commercial) and industries sector to help improve their energy performance, profitability and to reduce carbon footprint.

  • Energy Audit
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  • Air Leakage / Blow Door Test
  • Building Thermography
  • Energy Modelling
  • Power Quality Analysis
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Then Environmental department of Susnomics consists of a team of experienced environmental scientists, environmental engineers, waste consultants, GIS analysts and modelling experts. Our teams have successfully completed a variety of environmental projects to date, with excellent feedback from clients and authorities.

  • Environmental Permitting
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  • Environmental Assessments
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Environmental Auditing
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Testing &

Commissioning is the most critical aspect of the development cycle as it ensures that a building is handed over to operate safely, efficiently and in accordance with how the owner intended. Susnomics follows CIBSE and ASHRAE standards for commissioning and our team of experienced engineers & commissioning managers provide assurance to clients that their building will operate as they intended.

  • Commissioning Management
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  • Commissioning Verification / Independent Certifier
  • LEED / Estidama Independent Commissioning Agent
  • Re-Commissioning / Retro Commissioning
  • Legionella Management
  • Testing Services
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& other Management Systems

Susnomics offers a comprehensive suite of Consulting, Implementation & Auditing services for its clients. Susnomics not only assures its clients a certification, but also the achievement of a management system to discover its true potential in improving processes and performance.


  • ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental Management System
  • ISO 20000-1:2018 - IT Service Management System
  • ISO 22000:2018 - Food Safety Management System
  • ISO 22301:2019 - Business Continuity Management System
  • ISO 27001:2013 - Information Security Management System
  • ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • ISO 50001:2018 - Energy Management System
  • ISO 55001:2014 - Asset Management System
  • FSSC 22000 v5 - Food Safety Systm Certification


Sustainable Building
Testing Services

Building Air Tightness Testing / Blower Door Testing / Building Air Leakage Testing:

Air Tightness Testing is the recognized method used to measure the total air lost through leaks in the building fabric. The blower door test is a diagnostic tool used to measure the airtightness of a building. The test is important in establishing the energy efficiency of a new building and can identify poor build quality within new developments. With the introduction of tougher regulations, building designs will often consider air tightness early in the construction process to ensure it complies.


Commissioning Management

Being a pioneer in the field of Sustainability and the active member of The Air Tightness Testing & Measurement Association (ATTMA) with Level II certified testers, Susnomics strongly recommends the air tightness testing to all its valuable clients in order to find out the unwanted leakages in their buildings which may increase their utility bills.

Thermal Imaging / Building Thermography/ Infrared thermography:

Increasing the energy efficiency of buildings has highest priority and infrared thermography greatly contributes to reaching this goal. Inspections with infrared cameras quickly and easily identify insulation problem, air leakage on the envelope of the buildings.

Susnomics with a team of experienced Level II certified thermographers carry out thermography audits for all buildings, electrical equipment like Motors, Cable, Wires, Transformer and all mechanical equipment including moving part like Bearing, Rotor, Pump, Machines

Indoor Air Quality Testing:

Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the quality of the air inside buildings as represented by concentrations of pollutants that affect the health, comfort and performance of occupants. According to the EPA, indoor air pollutants can cause a wide range of concerns ranging from immediate problems like nose and eye irritation to long-term health issues such as cancer and heart disease.

Susnomics offers IAQ testing services to measure the common building air pollutants in line with the local & international standards using the advanced sensors, software and instruments.

Building Acoustic Testing:

For the benefit and wellbeing of people in offices, schools, and homes, disturbing noise from other rooms or from the outside world should be kept to a minimum. Acoustic testing may be carried out to establish the acoustic performance of existing structures, and used as a diagnostic tool for identification of weaknesses in construction, to determine the need for remedial or retrofit works.

Susnomics offers on-site acoustic testing in accordance with all relevant ANSI, ASTM, BS, EN, ISO and other standards, as required.


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