Susnomics Engineering Systems FZ-LLC is an end-to-end sustainability solutions provider, with core areas of focus being Green Building Certification, Energy Management, Energy Conservation and Commissioning. As sustainability gets increasing focus among business leaders, we have tailored solutions covering different dimensions of sustainability to accelerate initiatives and fill capability gaps.

Our specialists have over 3 decades of experience serving clients in the Middle East and South East Asia, and we can support sustainability leaders across multiple initiatives. We follow processes in line with ISO standards and we manage to achieve these standards through our day to day implementations of these standards.

We offer a full spectrum of sustainability solutions

New buildings / projects launched which need to comply with Green certification norms (e.g. EHS, Estidama, LEED)

Devise and update group sustainability strategy to ensure there is a roadmap to bring down Group Carbon footprint

Retrofit existing buildings to bring down energy and water consumption

Setup management systems to ensure initiatives are sustained through relevant certifications (e.g. ISO 14001, 50001)

Manage reporting needs for regulators and the Board/leadership through interactive charts and key insights from on-going/implemented projects

Differentiate your organization by going beyond energy/water consumption and proactively managing employee well-being (e.g. WELL certification)

We are flexible in our working model. We work on a project-by-project basis with some clients, while others work with us on a retainer fee model, in which case we help drive all sustainability initiatives throughout the year with dedicated resources at your disposal. Please drop us a note if you have any requirements and we will reach out to you with a tailored offering.

Our Clients