Estidama, which is the Arabic word for sustainability, developed by Urban Planning Council (UPC), and is tailored to the Middle East region. ESTIDAMA arose from the need to properly plan, design, construct and operate sustainable developments with respect to the traditions embedded within the rich local culture and climatic conditions.

As part of the roadmap to a successful compliance to UPC, all building projects in the Abu Dhabi Emirate has to meet Pearl certification requirements by fulfilling the Estidama Pearl Rating System mandatory credits and voluntary credits.

Abu Dhabi’s Plan 2030 has been formulated with a clear vision for sustainability in any new development occurring in the Emirates. UPC and Estidama’s team ensures that sustainability is continually addressed through four pre-defined angles: environmental, economic, social and cultural, touching all aspects of life in Abu Dhabi.

The Estidama Pearl Rating System (PRS)

1. Pearl Community Rating System
2. Pearl Building Rating System
3. Pearl Villa Rating System.

SUSNOMICS with the multidisciplinary team of Estidama Pearl Qualified Engineers helps the project to obtain the required permits, approvals and completion certificates.

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