Testing and Commissioning

Commissioning is a quality-oriented program that applies in-depth building and engineering knowledge to minimize risk and ensure efficient operation of building throughout its lifecycle.

Commissioning is the most critical aspect of the development cycle as it ensures that a building is handed over to operate safely, efficiently, and in accordance with how the owner intended. Susnomics follows CIBSE and ASHRAE standards for commissioning and our team of experienced engineers & commissioning managers provide assurance to clients that their building will operate as they intended.

Susnomics Cx services include:

New Building Commissioning: For New building commissioning we ensure quality design, construction and also verify design goals for the building are accomplished.

Retro-Commissioning: Existing Building Commissioning: The Existing Building Commissioning assists the building systems perform interactively to meet the Current Facility Requirements and provides the tools to support the continuous improvement of system performance.

Green Building Commissioning: Fundamental and Enhanced LEED Commissioning & commissioning for other Green Building rating systems (ESTIDAMA, BREEAM etc.). We also work in concert with Measurement & Verification, suggest the strategies to monitor the energy consumptions and savings.

The Commissioning Process

The Commissioning Process includes specific tasks to be conducted during each phase in order to verify that design, construction, and training meet the Owner’s Project Requirements.

Design Phase

1. Document building owner’s project requirements and design intent

2. Prepare detailed commissioning plan and responsibilities

3. Review all service-related documents and drawings.

Construction Phase

1.  Prepare required test forms, scheduling forms, and process management forms

2. Regular Monitoring and reporting on the process

3. Assist with installation verification

Performance Testing

1. Monitor all contractors’ testing work

2. Verify contractors’ performance testing

3. Conduct independent third-party performance testing to verify that building systems provide design intent performance

As built Documentation and Training

1. Review O&M manuals

2. Prepare systems operating manual

3. Review as-built documentation

4. Coordinate contractor training

5. Conduct systems operations training

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